San Diego Youth Science

--rethinking science education

San Diego Youth Science--rethinking science education

San Diego Youth Science strives to help teachers, administrators, students and families rethink science education. Science is not about answers, it is about a process of discovery. The Next Generation Science Standards speak to the importance of this and allow teachers the freedom to co create, with their students, authentic and relevant learning experiences.

  • science programs are all hands-on, student driven experiences

  • grade level appropriate science classes are developed using Next Generation Science Standards

  • customized programs to meet your school site's needs

San Diego Youth Science is determined to empower San Diego’s students and teachers to examine and question the natural world around them. San Diego Youth Science works with students of all ages to understand the process of science, view the world with scientific curiosity, and have a lifelong love of science through participation in authentic and relevant science experiences.

Mission: To inspire scientific thinking about the world through hands-on, student driven experimentation and engagement in the process of science.