Classroom Programs

What we offer:

Students participate in hands-on, inquiry driven, science experiences that are relevant to students in Pacific Beach and San Diego. Curricula are developed using Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), to allow students the opportunity to experience the process of science. Students engage in small group research teams to experiment, scaffold, and communicate their understanding using scientific discourse. Classes range from 1 to 1.5 hours.

Curriculum Development

  • custom curriculum developed by San Diego Youth Science

  • designed to align with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

  • grade level adapted programs for tK-8th grade

  • relevant student driven experiences incorporating local science

  • research utilized from such institutions as Scripps Institution of Oceanography, NASA, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association


  • utilizes hands-on experimentation and inquiry

  • allows students opportunity to experience the process of science

  • encourages student questioning and scientific discourse

  • creates authentic environment for student presentations of ideas and understanding


SDYS custom curricula span all fields of science, with student experimentation and process learning at the foundation of all programming developed. The open ended nature of NGSS allows topics to be explored from diverse angles. A few examples of different NGSS topics have been developed by SDYS and made into exciting and relevant hands-on learning for K-5th grade students:

  • chemistry (acid/base) - ocean acidiiication experiments

  • energy (energy transfer) - solar radiation experiments with solar cells and plants

  • ecology (food webs & energy flow) - dissection of spiny dogfish sharks to explore stomach contents

  • physics (simple machines) - pulley, levers, inclined plane, etc. for students to experiment with their own body weight

  • earth science (fossil - exploring local San Diego fossils in a hands-on dig