As a parent, San Diego Youth Science (SDYS) is an incredible program that we are so lucky to have here in San Diego. Not only is the content of the program and each lesson educationally robust, but SDYS owner, Danielle Adler, and her staff are the most amazing, knowledgeable, kind, and passionate educators and life-long learners. The SDYS educators know what they are doing and they are dedicated to continued research and advancement in science education They have a way of teaching lessons to students that inspires them to dig in and get involved in the learning process. SDYS focuses on providing hands-on exploration with instructions and lessons that are appropriate for each grade level. The SDYS lessons generate rich and authentic student-led discussions and promote engaging content that encourages students to explore and work collaboratively. One of the things we love most about SDYS is that they provide place-based learning and adapt all of their lessons to utilizing our local habitat. The SDYS session on dissections and the SDYS tidepool field trips are some of our favorites (for both parents and students)! The hands-on experiences our children receive from SDYS classes have them talking about them many years later. SDYS provides children with memories of science exploration that last a lifetime.

As the co-president of our school's PTO, I will say that it is an absolute pleasure working with Mrs. Adler and her staff. They are professional and considerate and the content of each session goes above and beyond our expectations, every single year. The authentic science education instruction that SDYS provides is an invaluable experience for not only my children but for our school!

Kerry Farrar

PTO President

Pacific Beach Elementary School

Dr. Adler’s program, San Diego Youth Science, gives students a chance to explore natural 

phenomena in a real-world setting. Led by experienced scientists, students can explore their

natural curiosities about nature and science. All activities align with Next Generation Science

Standards, (NGSS) and bridge the gap between book knowledge and firsthand experiences

which help students cognitively learn and retain science knowledge.

In one class my students studied organisms in a tide pool with Dr. Adler and her staff.

Students got a chance to observe, classify, and handle the live animals, as well as learn

about tides, ocean currents, and global warming. After the lab, SDYS sent photos of

each live animal tray to encourage student writing and sharing. This was effective in

my students producing substantive writing they were then proud to share. As a follow up

later in the year SDYS took my students on a field trip to the tide pools to apply their

knowledge in the natural setting.

As a teacher, I enjoy having students write a narrative about their discoveries and record

questions that develop with their study. With each new desson, Dr. Adler enhances her

previous work, with thoughtful reflection and feedback. These experiences are life-changing,

inspiring, and unforgettable for children.

Jennifer Cromar, MS

Fourth Grade Teacher

Pacific Beach Elementary School

As a classroom teacher, San Diego Youth Science has brought experiences to my students that I'm unable to give them in my classroom. I enjoy teaching science and teach it regularly, but the depth, planning, and time that go into the San Diego Youth Science sessions is not something I'm able to do as a classroom teacher. Ms. Adler brings in specimens from the ocean, conducts interviews with top researchers and scientists, gathers real-world examples/footage, and connects each lesson to our community.  As a result, all students are highly engaged and motivated to learn.

Jennifer Deaton

3rd Grade Teacher

We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with San Diego Youth Science (SDYS).  Without a doubt, SDYS enriches our kids’ education. We have witnessed firsthand the kids’ enthusiasm for science. The subject matter is top-notch and has included classes on electricity and electromagnetic radiation, habitats and lifecycles, marine biology, chemistry, and energy transfer - simple machines. 

We started only having SDYS teach a couple of classes each school year but we quickly increased the number of sessions as we saw how much the students looked forward to the science sessions. If anyone is considering hiring SDYS, we can assure you that your only regret will be that you didn’t hire them sooner. 

Kelly Gemelli

Vice-President of PTO

Friends of Crown Point Junior Music Academy